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Leonid Blyum

Borys Dudko

Diane Vincentz

Jana Neumann

Wilfried Deryeckere

ABR Denmark and its cooperative partners:

Leonid Blyum underlies the ABR therapy in the areas of research and development and the ABR assessment method. He is responsible for the course of treatment of all of ABR Denmark’s more severe patients, holds the assessments himself and prescribes the exercise applications. More about Leonid Blyum and the Development of ABR.

Diane Vincentz is the director of ABR Denmark and an ABR trainer.
In January 2004, after having treated her son with the ABR therapy for 3 years, Diane Vincentz decided to start a centre for this therapy in Denmark.
There followed and continues intensive training under Leonid Blyum and Boris Dudko.
Before beginning the work to establish an ABR centre, she enjoyed 20 years as a teacher, working with movement in the areas of sensory integration and eurythmy. She has been teaching children and adults of all ages, including those with developmental problems and special needs.

Borys Dudko is a physiotherapist speialized in sport rehabilitation. After his training he worked several years with Dr. Eugene Blyum in Moscow.   He has been working closely together with Leonid Blyum since the onset of the ABR therapy and has taken an active part in the development of the ABR technique. He holds regular courses together with ABR Denmark and ABR Singapore, as well as providing consultation services.


Our partners in Germany:
In order to provide closer care for patients coming from Germany, we are working together with two ABR trainers there.

Jana Neumann is an ABR trainer and has been working with ABR since 2002 together with Leonid Blyum, Borys Dudko. Before this she trained and worked as an M.D. in Russia.

Wilfried Deryeckere - ABR Trainer.  He has trained and worked as a therapeutic eurythmist for 17 years in Berlin, and is now establishing a practice there. He assists with ABR courses in Austria, Denmark, France and Belgium.

    ABR Danmark Horndrupvej 36,  DK-8660 Skanderborg  Tlf 0045/ 86 51 24 86  E-mail: abrdanmark@mail.dk