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Treatment of Milder Disorders

Children and adults suffering from a large variety of acute and chronic illnesses can also be treated successfully with the ABR method. In fact, the method is so helpful for treating everything from a stomach ache to a headache or an annoying cough, that we can highly recommend it to all parents who wish to have the possibility of helping their children to overcome even a small ailment within a short time at home. For this reason ABR provides a significantly effective "folk-medicine".

Below is a list of the disorders that are most commonly treated.

• Postural problems
• Behavioural difficulties
• Concentration disorders
• Digestive Problems
• Upper and lower respiratory illnesses
• Enlarged tonsils
• Ear problems
• Headaches


The treatment of a milder disorder involves significantly less time investment for the parent than the treatment of severe chronic illnesses. One-half to hour daily over a period of about three months brings significant and lasting results to the more chronic disorders listed above.  Acute illnesses such as bronchitis react within a short period of time.

For this reason we offer courses to all parents and other individuals interested in the ABR method. The general technique is taught in a group course.  This can be followed up by a ten-week series of teaching/treatments of the child in question and includes a postural analysis when necessary.

Persons who are simply interested in getting to know the technique have the possibility of taking part in the introductory course alone. Here one can learn the necessary applications for a number of small common-day illnesses, with which one can help ones children.

In addition, adults have the possibility of learning the technique and receiving specific applications that they can perform for themselves at home. This is, of course, not possible for all parts of the body.

If you are interested or have further questions, please inquire.

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