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Implementation of the ABR therapy is based upon the view that sufficient intensity of rehabilitation efforts can best be achieved in a home environment, with the treatment being delivered by a parent or caregiver.

It is primarily the parents who possess the sufficient determination and time reserves required for the intensive home rehabilitation program.

The task of the ABR specialists is to teach the parents/caregivers how to apply the ABR technique and also, to provide the strategic guidance as to the bodily areas and the time span of respective applications.

In order to ensure the highest quality of treatment for a severely affected child or adult patient at home, it is necessary to achieve an optimal proficiency in the ABR technique. This requires taking part in four yearly courses.

During the first year of courses, parents learn the necessary skills for addressing the different bodily areas.  In the second year the parents should become as self-sufficient as possible in applying the ABR Technique.

In order to support the parents with their home training, we supply a Parent’s Instruction Manual that includes valuable information regarding the application of the ABR technique, allowing for the home training program to be as accurate and effective as possible from the very beginning.

Leonid Blyum elaborates the strategy of the ABR rehabilitation in each individual case.  In order to gain the information necessary for this supervision, he performs one or two major assessments yearly, whereby the further development of the patient is analysed and recorded on video. During the assessments the prescriptions for further exercises are prepared.
The courses normally last four days and provide 10-12 hours of teaching. Parents with special wishes for more intensive training, in a shorter number of days can usually be accommodated. In addition lectures are held, which take a more thorough look into the theoretical background of ABR.

Supplementary courses concentrating on early childhood sensory-motor development - including practical ideas for the educational efforts of ABR parents – are provided when requested.

Courses for Physiotherapists (pdf format)

Treatment of milder disorders


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