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How Does the ABR Treatment Proceed?


The unique ABR method gives you as parent the effective tools with which you can work towards the regeneration of your child’s bodily systems.

Parents, relatives or other persons responsible for the child or patient are taught the ABR technique in special courses for this purpose.  Applications prescribed specifically for the patient are shown and practiced during the sessions.  The therapy follows at home.

In the first year, a more general plan of exercises is usually followed, during which the various application forms are taught.


The mastery of the ABR technique is the most essential aspect of the teaching sessions.  In addition lectures and presentations are held providing the parents with the theoretical background necessary to an understanding of ABR and with information regarding important aspects of the development of the technique.


A schedule of 15-20 hours weekly is usually recommended for most of the cases.  This ensures that the necessary momentum for rehabilitation is reached.  Milder cases can be treated with one hour daily.

Two caretakers can execute some of the applications simultaneously, allowing for two bodily areas to be treated at the same time.


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