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photo taken August 2000


"I had a dream last night!  When I looked up I
saw a beautiful shining castle.  When I looked
down, I was blind."

Gawain 19.05.2005

May 2005 - Introduction

"He is such a ray of sunshine. He is glad about everything. Such a great spirit – so full of joy!" Again, yesterday, I was confronted by these exuberant comments coming from a therapist in Gawain’s school. Although I have heard the same words from countless people who have known him, have worked with him or have only met him shortly, this time, I realize that I am relieved as I hear these remarks repeated just in the same way. It is a relief, that in spite of the last 11 years of pain and struggle, of seeking help and treatment, of daily intensive training, of prodding and pushing and endlessly encouraging - no dreary everyday listlessness has been able to dampen his interest and intense enthusiasm for all the people whom he meets. It is surely this interest for each of his fellow men that leads others to the spontaneous impression that he shines like a ray of sun.

That Gawain’s handicap and chronic illness had lead to such an extreme regression of health was not often noticeable to outsiders. That this degeneration could hardly have been slowed - let alone have been transformed into upwards moving development - were it not for our commencement with the ABR therapy, will be the topic of ensuing articles.

But first to the beginning, the birth, the onset…

August 1997

3 years old



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